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A beautiful, wise, humorous, and loyal girl. Loves to go out on adventures with friends . In a relationship she is respectful, well-mannered, easygoing, entertaining, and faithful. She does have attitude and may get jealous at times, but she'll do anything for the man she genuinely loves, to keep him satisfied. She can also be a smart ass and jokester at times so don't take things so harsh because she's just playing. She loves a person who has great comebacks. She is a person you always want to have in your life. She's positive and supportive. She isn't afraid to try new things.
Aranza's Friend: Hey wanna go out tonight with some friends and fuck shit up?

Aranza: Yes! You know I'm always down. Don't even have to ask (;
by Jaaammmeess19 July 05, 2016
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Aranza is a girl with attitude. She can be a bitch when she wants to. If youre a bitch to her, youre going to regret that for sure because she will be the biggest bitch to you. Other than that aranza is Outgoing, funny, sweet, amazing in bed and has a nice body(skinny and has curves) She knows how to please a guy. Guys are thirsty for her. Aranza is fuckable and amazing. She is a girl you can trust and become good friends with. Aranza also loves to Party with her friends. She is a wild girl when shes drunk but it's fun watching her be drunk, it's something you will enjoy for sure.
Guy:Damn, who is that?

Aranza's Friend: Thats Aranza

Guy: Shes hot
by SwagFags December 25, 2012
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Aranza: normally she's an outgoing girl, has a strong character, very outgrageous, she's always involved in gossip. if she wants she can turn to be the greatest bitch but if you are her friend she will be the greatest friend ull ever have. just learn how to love her.
wow, Aranza told me the juciest gossip ever!!
by allline June 17, 2009
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Aranza is an amazing girl, she's mysterious, Bad, She's funny , She's Artistic, She's mature, But she only shows those features around the people she loves, and that's only a few people, she will choose cuality over quantity, She's loyal , she's Freaky but she knows how to hide it , She's respectful but if you disrespect her she will be the baddest bitch out there , she doesn't really go out much .
Mike-Hey Aranza want to go to a party?!
Aranza- Nah ima just kick it at my crib with my friends.
by AriπŸŒ»πŸ’ž December 27, 2018
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aranza. she can be a bitch, and fake too. no one likes her at all, like seriously no one. she is a crybaby, she thinks she is cool. AND her grandmother burned the trailer house down 😌
hey aranza. *she turns around* fuck u
by heyimbored:) May 23, 2019
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