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plural : Araboos

Certain types of people who follows the certain tradition and norms of Middle Eastern or Muslim / Islamic culture thinking they belong in that group as to forgot their original nationality and or the ideology in which they came from.
Multiple examples can be seen from anyone who believes Polygamy is a good practice and can't vote anyone if they are not Muslim / Islam.
In other note some of them don't actually understand and follow the religion, they just think it's so cool being so straight edge and praising Allah but they really just a bunch of horny beta males that wants a threesome.
guy 1 : is it okay if i were to have a second wife?
guy 2 : oh fuck no, don't tell me you're on of them Araboos
by ibanglongschlong November 14, 2018
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Etymology: most likely a derivative of the term weeaboo

A. noun

1. internet terminology for a western-industrial liberal with an obsession for Islamic culture and literature for the sake of seeming "hip" or "progressive" at pretentious, bourgeoisie cocktail parties.
Evan spent five months learning how to write in Arabic cursive just so he could impress that Yazidi girl... what an araboo!
by Michael Pemulis June 07, 2017
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A retarded know it all white guy with a inferiority complex that tries and completely fails in trying to act like an Arab, he also usually dyes his hair black if he has blonde hair. And if he has hazel to dark brown hair try to convince everyone he got ancestors from Egypt.
Josh there is calling everyone habibi and refuses to say whats up, instead he keeps saying Assalamu aleikum completely wrong. What an Araboo.
by Yeah, im that "one guy" June 11, 2018
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