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A sexual move the occurs when a guy sits on someone's face with his balls on the other person's eyes and then farts in the other person's mouth.
I just ate some tacos and am going to give my gay lover a nasty "Arabian sandstorm" tonight!!!
by Bolton May 06, 2004
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when u tea bag someones eye sockets and then u fart directly into their mouths.
dustin woke up to rajeev giving him an arabian sand storm
by arlie September 05, 2004
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When someone is sleeping you put your balls in there eyes and fart in their mouth
hey dude joe sleeping, well give him an "arabian sandstorm."
by Dhl is gay August 05, 2008
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when a man places his testicles on another person's eyelids, then procedes to fart into the person's mouth.
My roommate didn't smell the arabian sand storm comin >:)
by ultimateJ June 23, 2004
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An Arabian Sandstorm is very similar to a "Cleveland Steamer" or a "Dutch Oven With Brownies". To give someone the gift of an "Arabian Sandstorm" you wait until they fall asleep and their mouth is open. Quietly you put your ass right infront of their mouth and give them a "wet fart" in the mouth.
"AAAUGH!!" The drunken frat boy screamed as he spat the chunks of turds out of his mouth. "That was a nasty Arabian Sandstorm."
by Ethan Havoc October 13, 2006
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Normally performed outdoors or at the beach, the act of busting a nut on the females face then immediately taking a pile of sand or dirt and throwing it at her face. The sand sticks to her face via your load and it looks like she just walked through a sandstorm.
I just gave her an arabian sandstorm for pissing me off earlier.
by eeze e April 18, 2006
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