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April Washko is a tenacious actress who is best known for two outstanding qualities: her charisma and her dignity.

She is a stunning woman who not only looks the part, but brings joy laughter and great times to everyone she comes in contact with and will try her all to make those connections meaningful in the long run. On the other side of this gleaming coin she an actress who stands for class; a woman who doesn't bend her morals or personal character for gain but rather fights for them and, more importantly, the dignity of others.

After all is said we find ourselves gazing upon an actress that reignites our nostalgia for the glory days of film and America in the 50's asking just one question, "Will I ever be lucky enough to find more like her?" Truth be told, though, there's no one quite like April Washko.
1.)That person is like an April Washko.

2.)Henry pulled a Washko so, naturally, they thought he was a billionaire.

3.)What a Washko that woman is.

4.)That scene you performed was a total Washko; every line was executed perfectly!
by blogbeed9er July 24, 2011
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possibly the finest actress in existance. hott, classy, & damn good.

why people dont know more about her is beyond me
Me: have you heard about april washko?
guy2: hell yeah... april washko... one hot mama

in a sentance:
"they totally need to put an april washko in this movie ryte hurr"

april washko like that scarlett chick from that old west movie
by dooode1973 July 25, 2011
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