its hitler's birthday dumbasses n if u go out n get high that day and celebrate you are a motherfucking neo nazi
by niglet4lyf May 1, 2005
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Mélissandre’s birthday
april 20 is bad bitchbirthday
by Méli February 7, 2021
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On this day it’s

1. 4 20
2. One of the only days ever to exist that will have four twenty’s on 4 20
3. Hitlers birthday
Nibba 1: What are you doing tomorrow at 4:20?

Nibba 2: Look at what day it is tomorrow it’s gonna be April 20, 4:20, 2020
by SugmaBalls69420 January 27, 2020
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20 april is the day that you and your friends are getting high. Seems crazy I know but yeah so in 20/4 you are getting high
High= smoke high

Crazy= locko
20 april= get high day
by Emile jeniff April 18, 2017
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