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National spam your friends day on snapchat. This is the day you can spam your friends and be annoying.
John: Aye it’s National spam your friends day!
Jake: I don’t got any friends.
John: that’s sad.
Jake: but when?
John: April 20
Jake: ok
by ××aquarius×× April 13, 2020
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April 20 is post random horses you’ve ridden day! Show people the horsie cuteness in your camera roll🥰
“Today is April 20, post your horse day!”
by Anonymous_0616 April 19, 2021
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the day the bestest friend was born :)
She was born on April 20.
oh so she’s perfect
by Itachix November 12, 2020
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National horny day
national horny day is on april 20 anyone can ask for any action
it’s april 20, finally time for some free action
by I’m normal739 April 16, 2020
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A day on which idiot potheads around the world get together and celebrate the anniversary of Hitler's birth, Napolean's birth and the Columbine High School massacre.

Also known as 4/20.
"Yo man, it's April 20. Let's get baked"
"Sweet man! Heil Hitler!"
by edward doyle April 23, 2006
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april 20 is national say FUCK YOU BITCH day.
p1: hey! FUCK YOU BITCH.
p2: why did you say that.
p1: its april 20 national say FUCK YOU BITCH day.
by WeIrDcOrE April 17, 2021
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4 : 20 : insert year
Person A: wanna know a fact

Person B: k

Person A: Adolf Hitler was born on April 20 aka get high day.
by creeper awwwww man April 27, 2020
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