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A person that chooses to diss Apple due to product failure or because the person refuses to conform with apple product buyers (thereby conforming with the hater group). Apple haters dislike the success of the company and attempt to undermine consumers. Generally, they are considered douche bags because they are outspoken about their hate of Apple while most people either use Apple products and enjoy them, or don't really care.
Brad: Dude the ipod sucks! Zune is way better because it actually works.

Josh: Well, if you didn't drop your ipod into water maybe you wouldn't be such an Apple Hater.
by Anonymous1219 March 05, 2011
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Someone who hates everything apple, the iPod, the iPhone, the iMac and all the other i products.
Matt: Stop just getting out your iPhone to show off, you're such an idiot.

Tom: Just coz ur an apple hater

Matt: Yeah, and?
by lulu750 November 26, 2009
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I see apple haters all the time. I use all macs, I have one PC I don't use because it's too small.
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by Jenast July 11, 2016
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