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This often occurs with any Applebee's employee that shows the slightest interest in becoming a manager. The GM will encourage you to work as many hours as humanly possible and switch you from server, to expo, to bartender, to fry cook, broil, and mid cook, and every other position within a matter of weeks. Symptoms of this sickness includes but is not limited to; referring everyone as an "applebot", calling the store your "apple family", doing "call backs" when a family member asks you for something (example: family--"Just to let you know, dinner will be ready in 10minutes" you--"I hear you ten minutes"), correcting your spouse or childrens mistake by saying "That's not spec!", placing your fork/spoon on your plate so the handle points at 5 o'clock.
"My wife came down with Apple Syndrom the other day, she spent all night squeeging the deck off after it rained..."
by Current Emp August 20, 2008
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