An applause that is actually sarcastic.
Pelosi clap
Hey John, was that a genuine applause or a Pelosi applause?
by m-fun February 7, 2019
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an audible release of intestinal gas through the anus
That anal applause would have peel the paint of of the walls of my basement.
by The Return of Light Joker March 14, 2010
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An explanation for your failures, so spectacular that even those you have let down will put their hands together.
Asked why there was no quarterly report, the vp replied, with the straightest of faces, that he had been abducted on his way to the office, given a medical exam by aliens aboard their UFO, and that the alien's dog did actually eat all his paperwork, and he was extremely sorry. An applausible excuse, it seemed, as he got a laugh from the CEO, clapping filled the conference room, and was not fired for two weeks.
by Monkey's Dad March 13, 2020
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a male or female sticks their 2 fingers from each hand into the ass or pussy, slides the rest in and start clapping inside the male or female
Bro did you hear? Alex and Mary did the russian applause
by CrayolaTwistables August 23, 2021
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A smacking noise made by your tongue and lips when bored.
“Bro I tried to have a conversation last night, but the only thing I did was tongue applause.“
by Vaskhar May 27, 2020
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A young man/woman who will never give up no matter what life throws. A honest and astute businessman. Knowledge junkie!
He is a Wale Applause.
by Omniscient 404 May 7, 2021
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Shelly: It burns when I pee! I hate fucking vaginal applause.

Tina:...Vaginal applause?

Shelly:"The Clap" got too mainstream.

Tina: You're a fucking hipster, you know that right?
by Hgray May 6, 2011
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