4 definitions by Hgray

1.) A box meant to contain information, but is not actually large enough to hold aforementioned information. Can be found on College Board AP tests.

2.) A box, also meant to hold information, but the information is "approximated". Can pertain to weight, past drug use, sexual preference, ect.
Hunter: How the hell am I supposed to fit this huge sticker on this little square on my AP test?
Katie: It's an approx-a-box, figure your shit out.
Hunter: Friggin huge sticker!

Hunter: Why does your application say you're 105 lbs, never done drugs, and you strictly date men?
Katie: Dude, it's an approx-a-box.
Hunter: Oh, ok.
by Hgray May 5, 2009
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When you know the trash can is full well beyond the point of needing to be emptied, but you still try to fit whatever you can into it, by fitting it in like a game of tetris.
Me: Quit playing garbage tetris, and just empty the trash can out.
You: God, I hate this.
by Hgray January 27, 2010
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A breakfast food. Shaped like a donut, delicious when smothered in cream cheese. A common mispronunciation is "bagel".
You: What are you eating?
Me: A beagle. Yummm.
You: Oh, that is just sick!
Me: But it's got cream cheese!
by Hgray June 5, 2009
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Shelly: It burns when I pee! I hate fucking vaginal applause.

Tina:...Vaginal applause?

Shelly:"The Clap" got too mainstream.

Tina: You're a fucking hipster, you know that right?
by Hgray May 6, 2011
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