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When person who just bought an IPhone spends countless hours feverishly searching for, talking about and buying applications for their IPhone.

Similar to a person who is going "Ape-shit". Individuals who are going App-shit in many cases appear to be in an out control frenzy, often buying pointless apps they will never use more than once just to show them off to their friends and co-workers.
Friend 1: "Dude! George has really gone App-shit since he got an Iphone. All he's done for two days is sit in his room searching the web for apps, apps and more apps. It's kind of scary."

Friend 2: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Dude! I went totally App-shit too when I first got my IPhone. I wasted like 50 bucks in two days on Apps I deleted like two weeks later. Don't trip, he'll snap out of it after a week or so."
by The Debonair Analyst June 02, 2009
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I finally got the new iPhone and went appshit the next day downloading cool applications ("apps").
by aw1969 July 21, 2009
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When you first get a smart phone and you go crazy adding new apps.
Jasmile: What's DeeDee doing tonight?
Ursula: She just got an iPhone and she's going App Shit. You probably won't see her for a few days.
by GingerXOXO April 07, 2011
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adjective; used to describe those on Facebook who not only participate in Farmville, "What kind of ____ are you" quizzes, etc.- but also feel the need to inform you of their progress and results, under the false assumption that you give a damn.
Wow, I'm really glad Michael was able to obtain a fake peach tree, for his fake orchard, on a game that allows you to grow fake fruits and vegetables, I guess so you can then take them to the fake market or feed your fake family. Michael goes appshit entirely too often, so his news status is officially hidden.
by Marsupial54 November 02, 2009
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When freezing of iphone apps causes the user to lose all control
"Dude you missed Jimmy going appshit in the office again"
"Ah shit"
by jam-jam May 26, 2009
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Overwhelming; intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited desire to download every application that seems remotely interesting on a new mobile smart device.

Addictively involved in the downloading of apps.
Alicia got a new iPad for Christmas; and went absolutely appshit for days.
by A Baker's Sample January 11, 2011
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a. Someone who does nasty or mean things to unsuspecting dating app users.

b. When someone goes ape shit on someone who has just done something nasty or mean to them on a dating app.
a. Man, that grindr creep really is just a piece of app-shit to everyone for no reason.

b. I know. I went absolutely app-shit on the prick the other day and blocked him.
by Captain Trunch March 21, 2017
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