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Title given to the global crash of all "fat" PlayStation 3 systems on February 28, 2010. Caused by a Y2K-like bug within the console's internal clock.
OMG My PS3 isn't working! I can't play Heavy Rain! February 28 is now known as the ApocalyPS3.
by kingduckman March 01, 2010
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Coined by (and authored by) Strell, in reference to the PS3 launch fiascos that resulted in various muggings, flag-pole face plantings, and probably overwhelming amounts of "just friends" spooning between all sorts of people in a feeble effort to keep warm in the brutal frigid teat of nature. Also, people got shot.

This is mostly due to extreme shortages from manufacturing problems, and possibly due to an attempt to artificially increase hype. Because of scarcity, systems were selling on eBay for several thousand dollars, well above the MSRP, which prompted a "me too wants money" reaction from the general public in the United States.
Welcome to the APOCALYPS3, F*CKERS.
by Strell November 19, 2006
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When an update arrived February 28th, 2010 for the PS3, it caused all first-gen PS3s to be unable to connect to the Playstation Network.

Affected units have their system date set to Dec 31, 1999 (something impossible to do manually, according to PS3 News) or January 1st 2000 and the consoles are only able to play non-protected games.

This, combined with errors like the following: 8001050F - Hardware failure. Cannot update Firmware or connect to Internet
Sony says they'll have my PS3 working by March 2nd! All I have to do is connect to the Playsation Network to get the fixed update. Oh wait...the APOCALYPS3 HAS COME. CATCH 22.
by Harriet Tubman IV March 01, 2010
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