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The assumption that because very few members of a group are powerful, therefore the rest of them must necessarily share that power too.
Example 1:

Jane: The top paid athletes in the USA are African-American, therefore all African-Americans athletes are richer than athletes of other racial backgrounds.
Joe: No, that's the Apex Fallacy: you are resourcing to the top outliers to make general assumptions regarding the specified population, that is, African-American athletes.

Example 2:

Jane: Men are 93% of the top 500 richest CEOs, therefore it is obvious that men in general are privileged.
Joe: No, that's the Apex Fallacy. Men are the majority of the unemployed and the homeless are nearly 80% male too. You can't derive conclusions regarding the whole based either on the top or lower outliers, but when you resource to the top outliers, you end up committing the Apex Fallacy. It would be wrong to infer that men are necessarily underprivileged because they are the majority of the poorer 1% too, that would be the Bottom Fallacy.
by Papadopoulos December 11, 2014
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This is a logical fallacy that assumes properties of the most visible members of a group are held by all members of the group.
The most powerful people in the World are men, hence all men are powerful. This is an Apex fallacy, not all men are powerful.

The World's best long distance runners come from Africa, hence all Africans are good long distance runners. This is an Apex fallacy, not all Africans are good long distance runners.
by Zorram April 16, 2013
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A psuedoscientific term created by the misogynists who call themselves "Men's Rights Activists" to justify their claim that just because men control almost all the positions of power (the "apexes") doesn't mean that any discrimination against women happened.
Normal human: "You ever notice all 43 American presidents have been men?"
Misogynist: "That's the apex fallacy, I can find 43 poor guys, too! Therefore, women have just as much power as men -- no, even more power than men! Child support is theft! All rape reports are false!" *foams at the mouth*
by roguelexiographer May 01, 2013
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