Anunno-Igigi Neopaganism, also, Anunno-Igigi Zuism or Anunnoigigism, is a form of Zuism and Anunnakism characterized by the cult of the Anunnas and Igigi with an equal focus between both. Anunno-igigi neopaganism also believes that the anunnas and the igigi are species, that of rivals, nowadays they are allies and both cooperate with each other and defend the equal cult of both species. Anunno-igigi neopaganism also seeks to unite the teachings and knowledge of the Anunnas and the Igigi seeking to create a synthesis between the two and a better understanding of both.
Anunno-Igigi Neopaganism is well known by believing that both Anunnas and Igigi are allied species and both cooperate with each other.
by Full Monteirism July 16, 2021
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