Anunnakism is the name of the cult to the Anunnaki gods and to the following of their spiritual path, anunnakism believes that the Anunnaki are from a world named An's Heaven, that they exist at extraphysical level and beyond space and time, that they are an extraterrestrial-multidimensional divine race, that they are a race of highly evolved beings and that they have a political system named Anunnaki Model, anunnakism also believes in extraphysicalism, extramaterialism, extranaturalism, panpsychism and pandivinism as fundamental principles of existence, unity between physical-extraphysical, material-extramaterial and natural-extranatural, divinialism and extraphysicism as the main paths for human evolution, the anunnaki often interacts with Earth and tha the Anunnaki send Anunnakis to Earth in order to help Earth (Theofragmentism). Anunnakism is also used to refer to the ideology that seeks to turn Earth into an Anunnaki-like world and it's referred as Anunnaki Politism, Anunnapolitism and as Anupolitism.
"Anunnakism is a spiritual path and a polcompball ideology, or better, it's both and you decide the one you support, besides you can support both as well."

"Anunnakism is really cool, and there are already Anunnaki nationalist groups worldwide that supports the creation of Anunnaki countries worldwide and the creation of the famous Anunnakiya."
by Full Monteirism May 24, 2021
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Pan-Anunnakism is an ideology that supports the union of Anunnakists and Zuists on Earth to create an Anunnaki State (Anunnakiya) on the regions of North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. Pan-Anunnakism is closely connected to Anunnaki Nationalism and Anunnopoliticism. Pan-Anunnakism also supports the restoration of Anunnaki culture, values, language, religion and spirituality on the regions of the Anunnaki State.
“Pan-Anunnakism is a common ideology between anunnakists and zuists, mainly the ones who support the creation of the Anunnaki State.”
by Full Monteirism July 2, 2021
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Universalist Anunnakism, also Anunnaki Universalism, Anunnakist Universalism, Universalist Zuism or Zuist Universalism is the name of a form of Anunnakism and Ziism, derived from universalist paganism, which believes that all gods, especially those of pagan, neopagan, Abrahamic religions, Dharmic, Asian, African, European and Native gods are the same Anunnaki gods with different names, or at least they are Anunnaki. Universalist Anunnakism is regarded as an extended and vast form of anurasism (anurašism), and Universalist Anunnakism also believes that the teachings and philosophies of the Anunnaki and Anunnakism are universal and applicable to the entire universe and existence, such as the law of polarity, neutral extraphysicalism, pandivinism, extranaturalism, extramaterialism, spiritualism and the Law of An. Universalist Anunnakism also believes that all gods and all life forms come from the same source of creation, the divine, and that the divine directly influences the universe and existence.
Universalist Anunnakism is a form of Anunnakism which believes that Anunnakism is something universal and that all the values and teachings of Anunnakism are applicable everywhere.
by Full Monteirism July 11, 2021
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Nignamtara Anunnakism, or Nignamtarism, is a form of Atheist Anunnakism that believes the Anunnaki to be a spiritual species of highly evolved beings and not as being gods or simply part of Mesopotamian mythology. Nignamtara Anunnakism refers to Anu and his family as being "leaders", "royal family" or "ruling family" and saying that the Anunnas refer to them as such. Nignamtara Anunnakism also believes that the spiritual and material are part of the same thing just as the supernatural and natural and the extraphysical and physical do and also seeks to make the Earth and humanity as similar as possible to an Anunnaki planet and an anunnaki subspeciesrespectively.
"Nignamtara Anunnakism is a form of atheist Anunnakism that seeks to focus on rebuilding the Earth and humanity and does not believe that there will be prophets or messiahs or supreme chiefs who will save humanity, but rather humanity itself embracing Anunnakism and Anunnaki culture to turn Earth into an Anunnaki planet. "
by Full Monteirism August 30, 2021
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Pandivinist Anunnakism, also Anunnaki Pandivinism, Pandivinist Zuism or Zuist Pandivinism, is a form of Anunnakism and Pandivinism that believes that the Anunnaki gods are powerful universal forces that are present everywhere, where the Anunnaki gods can manifest through feelings, thoughts, experiences, visions, revelations among others. Pandivinist Anunnakism also believes that the Anunnaki gods are in everything and everyone and that everything that happens in the universe and in existence is somehow influenced or permitted by the Anunnaki.
"Pandivinist Anunnakism is an interesting form of Anunnakism which believes that the Anunnaki gods are powerful universal forces that are present everywhere and in everything and everyone."
by Full Monteirism July 20, 2021
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