Theofragmentism, also theofragmentalism, is a theological, deistological and divinialist theory that advocates all living beings are actually fragments of God (The Divine), or even fragments of other gods and divine beings, in different levels and forms, but they are all the same in the end. Theofragmentism actually uses of the same concept of people's divinity of divinialism, but it actually go into the theory that there are some fragments who are actually fragments of gods and other divine beings, but in the end, they are all fragments of the divine itself. Theofragmentism, together with people's divinity concept, is used to explain why are there some people who think and feel they are divine or even they are children of gods and fragments of gods and of the divine itself, such as to explain why everyone can become divine and evolve into divine ones, such as divinialism advocates.
"Theofragmentism is an interesting theory inside theology, deistology and divinialism, and it might be really help during the search for gods, spiritual-divine life forms and extraphysical life forms as a whole, but still, theofragmentism needs to be well developed and developed as a theological and deistological theory as well."
by Full Monteirism March 20, 2021
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