Pandivinism is a view that God or The Divine is a fundamental feature of reality and that everyone and everything is divine and sacred. Pandivinism share several concepts and views of pantheism and panentheism, but different from both, pandivinism supports that the divine is a substance such as the mind, the soul and the spirit are and it exists at extraphysical level and the divine is also a source of all creation, all existence and all being.
"I just had an arguing about pandivinism with some people on social media, and I have just realized how that pandivinism can make sense even being a hard thing to understand by some people, since the divine can be everywhere and life and existence should be considered divine and sacred by everyone as well."
by Full Monteirism April 10, 2021
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Extraphysical Pandivinism is a pandivinist and extraphysicalist view that unites pandivinism with extraphysicalism, where both, god or the divine and extraphysics are a fundamental feature of reality where everyone and everything are divine and extraphysical. Extraphysical pandivinism often supports the idea that God/Divine exists at extraphysical and is an important feature on extraphysics and reality as well, also supporting that reality is fundamentally divine and extraphysical.
“Extraphysical Pandivinism is a really interesting philosophy and theory, and it might be really useful for the understanding of the nature of God/Divine, extraphysics and reality and for create a connection between pandivinism and extraphysics.”
by Full Monteirism May 9, 2021
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Naturalistic Pandivinism, also known as Scientific Pandivinism, is a form of pandivinism that supports that the divine is a natural and a concrete thing and it’s a fundamental substance of nature, but different from classical pandivinism, naturalistic pandivinism believes that science is about the study and the exploration of the divine and that technology is a mean to make people near to the divine and near to the gods. Naturalistic Pandivinism also believes in the unity of physical-extraphysical, natural-extranatural and material-extramaterial, the development of spiritual sciences, such as divinology, extraphysics, psychoextraphysics, esoterology, spiritology and deistology in order to study the divine directly and the development of post-physical, post-spacetime and extraphysical technologies in order to make humanity the most closer as possible to the divine and of gods themselves and to turn humanity into a divine civilization by superating the physical, the spacetime, becoming extraphysical and embracing the divine. Naturalistic Pandivinism also supports the idea of epistemological pluralism in order to study things that are directly related to the spiritual, the divine and the beyond spacetime and it also believes that gods, divine beings and the divine exist beyond spacetime and that’s the reason why humanity should explore what’s beyond the spacetime.
“Not gonna lie, but naturalistic pandivinism is just a reformulated version of naturalistic pantheism based on the technological, scientific, spiritual and esoteric advancements of modernity, and of course, based on divinialism as well.”
by Full Monteirism May 30, 2021
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