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Antoniette means PRICELESS, Worth is far above rubies. Name is derived from the tower of Antonia, in biblical times ... Antoniette is pronounced: An-twah-net because in France, it is spelled with an "oi" thus producing the *wah* sound. Although the most famous person in history who bears this name wore a blonde wig, most Antoniettes are naturally brunette. Girls and women named Antoniette are used to being asked things twice, or even three times since their name is so uncommon. This doesn't mean they are patient, they are just used to answering the same question over and over.

Usually, since their name is never in the top 10 Baby Names books, they don't have lots of personalized pencils at school or personalized coffee mugs at the office, which is fine, since they prefer things that are unique in nature like they are.

Look into an Antoniette's eyes and you should find truth. Priceless things usually aren't fake or false. I'm not saying you will always find truth, but you SHOULD find it there.
There's nobody else in the world like Antoniette!

Wow, what would we ever do without Antoniette?

If anyone can get the job done, Antoniette can!

Antoniette is absolutely amazing!
by tpatiw February 03, 2010
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To hold and carry proudly, the name must be passionate, anal, orderly, and outgoing. She usually is very OCD about odd things such as writing everything in her planner to having things stacked a "certain" way. She has great work ethics, but lacks the social skills to branch out of her comfort zone. She has zero filter on her mouth, so to date her, the potential man would have to have thick skin. Some would even say Antoniette's can be verbally abusive to her lover. She has a large heart for animals but more than any is usually a small white dog that she more than likely, and to remain true to her uniqueness, named either zeus or boogar. She is a wild card so nipple piercings to coloring her hair 5 different colors is something to expect. She more than like drives a nissan or a kia. She has a sharp tongue and always resorts to immature name calling like "ugly fat pig." She will refer to her lover has "honey" more than she will his own name. She is an old soul so her friday night are usually spent at home playing words with friends and to be really crazy, doing her nails and over using a cuticle clipper.
Man, my stomach really hurts today. I wonder if its socially acceptable for me to complain to everyone even if my name isn't Antoniette.
by la_lamp_post January 03, 2012
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Fine AFdoesn’t take any bs from a frog jumping on the next corner! Fun and chill to hang around. Wifey material!! risky af bomb af she’s more than likely a Capricorn . Her loyalty and trust runs deep but doesn’t take much to lose that trust because when she’s done she’s done. You must might as well be nonexistent according to her . Very much so intimidating to men. All about securing the bag and those she deeply loves around . Might be a little ghetto but she’s a blessing heaven sent. She has morals and holds lots of respect for herself and others. Honest and trustworthy Very humble and wise so don’t mistaken her as a fool because she may know things you don’t think she knowsvery very observant she’s smart and knowledgeable loves to learn/ try new things. Colorful heart and goofy spirited so expect the unexpected. Get you an Antoniette in your life she’s worth every bit!!
Antoniette intimidates- ( An-Toni- étta)-“I want to talk to her but I’m afraid of rejection so I’ll crush from a far..(everything about her is beautiful wow)” !!
by December 11, 2017
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