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A person who may seem reclusive or “antisocial”, but at times acts the complete opposite around certain people.
Person 1: Dom is so quiet & shy in class.
Person 2: What are you talking about I was with him & Jan at the mall yesterday like, he wouldn't shut the fuck up or stop showing off.
Person 1:Maybe he's just an Antisocial Extrovert.
by Authenticverse October 20, 2017
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someone who is antisocial with certain people and/or in a certain setting, but is an extrovert in different settings.
"Did you see Jake at the party last night? he is such an antisocial extrovert"
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by Erexhtion September 16, 2017
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The term can describe a broad array of possibilities:

1.) Someone who could easily be the life party... if you could just get them to come to it.
2.) Someone who came to the party, lived it up, and then wanted to get the heck alone.
3.) Someone who came to the party, got drained from the crowds, and then wanted to get the heck alone.
4.) Someone who can carry a conversation in a bucket, but prefers not to seek them out with others.
5.) Someone aware that they usually have fun around others but are happier ignoring that in favor of just being alone.
6.) Someone who is probably glad those get-together plans got the heck cancelled.

Antisocial extroverts may prefer small groups of friends and/or family over larger groups, supposing they prefer some people. Though probably capable of making and elaborating upon small talk, they may hate it. They may feel a pointlessness to social gatherings unless they can somehow "fit in" meaningfully, such as having a role (cooking, entertaining, etc). If not, they most likely feel an outright pointlessness to social gatherings.
Zach: "Joe is such an antisocial extrovert, there's no way he'll come to the party"

Jess: "Let's kidnap him and make me remember he has fun around people"
Zach: "Ok cool"
by Werewoof January 01, 2018
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Antisocial extrovert is a person who is antisocial but at the same time is social and has lots of friends
Wow she is such a antisocial extrovert
by humble youth July 23, 2017
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