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Something that is so uncool, it is actually rather cool in it's own retro way. This may include wearing non-branded clothing, shoes with velcro, badges and other old-school memorabelia that defies the general opinion of what is actually 'cool'.

Anticool is a way of living. It's all about giving up trying to be seen as cool by other people, and starting to have fun.

Because of it's general defiance of trends, there is no real style for anticool clothing. However, examples of anticool clothing can be found sported by Napolean Dynamite, Todd Rivers and other anticool TV & Film stars.
Person 1 - "Wanna come to my 21st Birthday party at Lazer Quest?"

Person 2 - "Anti-cool!"
by Anti-cool January 22, 2006
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not cool at all. kinda like a piece of toe jam.
all that kid does is lick the t.v. he is soo anticool.
by torra borra May 24, 2004
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Advocating full legal protection of human embryos or fetuses, especially by opposing legalized abortion.
"Dude, the Republicans are so anti-cool."
by chris o May 09, 2003
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