The personal, cultural, social, legal, and structural attacks on people called black. A term that some feel should replace racism as it is more focused on black people alone rather than all people of color.
The denial of anti-blackness is a result of the politically white privileged society in which we live.
by JamiG4 November 27, 2018
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Woah that’s dude is anti black?! He must pull
by Goat oat November 29, 2021
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An idiotic form of discrimination, which targets those who identify as both black and female. A common practice of anti-black woman racism is to exclude black females from social and cultural activities, such as parties, clubs, reality television, lead movie roles and marriage. Stereotypes, such as the angry black woman and baby mama are used to spread anti-black woman racism to the masses.

Unlike regular racism anti-black woman racism is a form of racialized sexism, which is specifically targeted at black females of all ages and backgrounds.
Laromana, did you watch Lad Diecinueve's reality show last night, he sent five women home just because they were black women, that's some anti-black woman racism right there.
by Juneteenth88 January 8, 2011
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Anti-Black Americanism is settlements against the people who descendant from chattel slavery in the United States.
There a lot of Anti-Black Americanism in the African Diaspora.
by 6ftfat April 5, 2021
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