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More commonly referred to as "Antis"

Usually seen as men, but are actually made up of a large number of teenage girls. Many were converted when Breaking Dawn came out. They are often attacked when voicing their opinions about the book.

They very rarely use force. Most are sane and tend to use logic. A lot condone the use of trolling on Twitard boards such as the Twilight Lexicon, but antis often do.

Anti sites, such as, are often flamed by batshit insane fangirls for merely having a different opinion.

Most respect sane fans so long as the fans respect them. They don't respect batshit insane fangirls.

Most common arguments against Twilight include

-Edward is abusive
-Bella is antifeminist
Anti-Twilighter: He isn't real...
Fangirl: WATT??? U DONT LIEK EDWARD???!!!
Anti: He's a fictional character and abusive...
Anti: *sighs*
by Kiki Yushima June 07, 2009
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The main definition for an anti-twilighter would be someone who very much dislikes Twilight.

They are also the only hope left for mankind.
(Also see MLIA)

These people are most probably fans of Harry Potter, Google, and Ninjas.
Scene: The movie theaters. There is a trailer for Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse/Breaking Dawn. You are about to fall asleep, when all of a sudden you hear:

Anti-Tilighter #1: TWILIGHT SUCKS!!
Anti-Twilighter#2: F**K YOU EDWARD!!!

(The whole theatre breaks into an applause, and the world is safe, thanks to the anti-twilighters)
by ImAnAntiTwilighter!! August 05, 2010
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Rational, normal human being who can't stand the ridiculous tween vampire series, "Twilight". Regularly laughs at both the teens, tweens and soccer moms who line up for every movie. Uses terms like "twitard" to explain to other, equally normal thinking people what these jagoffs are like.
Hell yeah, I'm an anti-twilighter...I'm not a teenage girl or a forty-year-old soccer mom, am I?
by isaacsdad June 25, 2010
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A living, breathing human being, whom is obviously not a teenage girl, that dislikes a series of books called, "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. These idiotic humans usually verbally attack twilighters saying things like "Dude, Edward isn't real." Or "Dude, they're just books." Also, "Dude, Edward is a fag."
Anti-Twiligher men are often found dateless.
Becky: "So are you going out with Brad on Friday?"
Brigdet: "Heck no! He's an Anti-Twilighter and teases Twihards!"
by Alayna2765 December 06, 2008
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