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An activity that takes place during the Christmas season in which lit up deer are placed in the front yards of houses and people go around the neighborhood and make them hump.Urban Deer Hunting is most often done by teenagers
Bella: Hey are we going T-Ping tonight?
Jessica: Hell No! We're going Urban Deer Hunting! C'mon Bella let's make some reindeer hump!
by Alayna2765 December 26, 2008

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A living, breathing human being, whom is obviously not a teenage girl, that dislikes a series of books called, "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. These idiotic humans usually verbally attack twilighters saying things like "Dude, Edward isn't real." Or "Dude, they're just books." Also, "Dude, Edward is a fag."
Anti-Twiligher men are often found dateless.
Becky: "So are you going out with Brad on Friday?"
Brigdet: "Heck no! He's an Anti-Twilighter and teases Twihards!"
by Alayna2765 December 06, 2008

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