Often mistaken as a hipster, but actually the complete opposite. Anti-hipsters can be difficult to describe because unlike an actual hipster, they do not have definite characteristics. An anti-hipster may have heard the term hipster before, but being unfarmiliar with labels, they wouldn't know what a hipster actually is or how to spot one. While hipsters are actually very unoriginal while claiming to be so very original, every anti-hipster is completely different from another. A hipster shops at Urban Outfitters, an anti-hipster gets their clothes from a number of places. They may make them, find them, steal them, or just buy them from any store they please, because they are not concerned with labels, which actually means they arent anti-hipsters. They probably arent anything. Usually spotted with a group of almost-hipsters or by themselves, the anti-hipster is a rare sighting.
"Hey steve, want to eat there?"
"No way, it's filled with hipsters."
"Except for that one guy."
"The Anti-Hipster."
"Yeah, he has no idea what's going on."
"Sucks to be him."
by Mr. Missus November 12, 2009
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Whereas a Hipster likes things before they were cool. An Anti-Hipster is someone who prefers to like things after everyone else has liked it.
Why did the Hipster burn his tongue?
Because he drank coffee before it was cool.
Why did the Anti-Hipster freeze his tongue?
Because he drank coffee after it was cool.
by CaVeDan12 March 23, 2014
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a person who has an antagonistic perspective towards people who have an antagonistic perspective of the qualities or people who are associated with hipsterdom, i.e, a subculture, lifestyle or perspective that values the obscure and the ironic; and fetishizes the authentic.

someone who is against or hates on people who are hating on other people who are trying to be original by surrounding themselves with obscure or ironic things.
I must be an anti-anti-hipster because I am so sick of all of these people hating on hipsters
by yehyehyehyehyehyehyehye March 9, 2013
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An individual who is so hipster that being a hipster would be too mainstream. Also, any person who is seen as a so-called hipster by the outside world, but rejects the term hipster.
"Hey! You wear thrift store clothing; you must be a hipster."
"Nah, thats too mainstream for me."
"Ah. You're an anti- hipster hipster."
by mehhh? November 16, 2011
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someone who goes against being a hipster, but inadvertently acts like a hipster.
"Did you bookmark that webstie?"
"No, that's so mainstream. I just remember them."
"Anti-hipster hipster"
by tenthirtyninepm May 8, 2012
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A person who is so hip that they reject the social label of "hipster". By labeling themselves anti-hipster, they attempt to impress other hipsters by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
by HunterPreyHipster March 7, 2011
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