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Non-Emo. Actively participates in removal of such beings.
Person 1: "Hey, Are you anti-emo?"
Person 2: "Yea corse I am, do I look like i slit my wrists?"
Person 1: "sweet, You wanna go and stab some Emo scum tonight?"
Person 2: "fo' shizzle"
by Anti-Emo Association of KLB February 11, 2007
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Anybody who is against emos, ie jocks, meatalheads, anybody who is not an emo.
Emo: *tears* My girlfriend dumped me, and i'm really hurt.
Human: When did she dump you?
Emo: Three years ago, she dumped me for crying for six months straight when they ran out of my favorite soy beverage at the store.
Human: Get over it, I hate you and all your whiny emo friends so much, I am now anti-emo.
by Melizzie March 27, 2008
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1) either a previous EMO kid, jock, or a goth...also people who have a hatred for people who do nothing but sulk in their own remorse. see: emo

PAT: Dude, JJ, put down the knife.
JJ: My life is spiraling downwards...i found myself watching oprah AND Dr. Phill on my big screen high def and realized that im tired of being poor and useless...
PAT: Ok JJ, pick the knife back up...I hate now anti-EMO and you're the reason we dont have nice things like world peace!
JJ: im going to write about this to Tina, my diary.

2) In the hierarchy of popularity:
a) Jocks and dinner whore's
b) Gangstas
c) Wannabe's
d) Nerds
e) Goths
f) Foreigners who don't bathe
g) Worms
h) Mimes
j) Dorks, EMOs, geeks...also metrosexuals and Bi's (pick something you lazy bumholes!)

letters a)-> i) are considered anti-EMO.

Jordan: Dude, wanna go cow tipping?
Butch: Nah, G. I'm gunna go play smear the <insert any group from letter j>.
Jordan: sounds fun! I'll join ya after i bail this hay!
Butch: Neat.
Yea the examples of anti-EMO are^^^^^
by Pat Gorden, Jordan Brainerd January 12, 2006
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1. Anyone who hates and despises emos.
2. Any attitude, that isn't self-loathing, usually sincere happiness.
3. The Oh-so-needed vaccine everyone has been looking for.
4. Emo's opposite numbers, while many people associates this with Goths. The diametric opposite would be a hippie, tree-hugger or (any subculture with originality, self-steem, use of bright colored clothing, proactivity, intelligence,a good appreciation of music, lack of hatred by other subcultures and the urge to give something good to the world).
1. We're making an Anti-emo group, we're going to hunt them down!!!

2. Conversation Between 2 emos.
xxGodKillmePlease: I'm so happy, because I read a book about self-steem!!
AgonySeeker12: That's so anti-emo.

3. When the scientists will find the anti-emo? They are spreading like lice!

4. Umm... Maybe Jesus, John Lennon. Perhaps Bono (but I'm having second toughts).
by Trias-Joyeux October 06, 2008
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