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A nice guy that no matter what is gonna be there for you.Yeah he will get annoy and make fun of your height And yeah he will try to trick you and make jokes but in the end yall both end up laughing.He will be silly and give you some dorky name but no matter what he says you mean something to him.He's doesn't lie unless he is playing(most of the time).Alway listen to his advice and to what he says.If He's hurting be there for him because he will be there for you.Never underestimate him or down him.An if u love or care for him or if he hurt you tell him because he's not a mind reader.He doesn't know everything.
Anthoni is an amazing friend
by Anthoni is amazing May 10, 2018
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the only guy i kno who isn't fake as hell hes really down to earth and he aCtually listens when people talk ulike most of u dumbass guys out thurr
anthoni will listen to errythang u gotta say
by method gurl February 22, 2004
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