A scarstic asshole who’s pretty charming, funny to be with and very, very sexy.
Girl 1: look at Antero, he must be a sarcastic asshole, she almost spit her drink after his comment

Girl 2: hahaha, yeah, but he is pretty sexy
by Delicate flower December 11, 2018
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Word used to describe someone who pretends they cannot speak a certain language, when they obviously have an accent that gives them away.
Girl, that fobby guy over there just pulled an Antero! Swear we can’t tell he’s Filipino
by PlayaPartna July 26, 2005
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player dates every girl at his school/work/and etc. and goes after girls at other schools/works/ and etc. he ok lookin and wants physical contact in order to have a relationship with him. akio are very rare and unwanted but are very experienced and good for losing virginity for first timers.
girl 1: i spent last night with akio anteros

girl 2: i spent a few nights with him last month too

girl 3: but he broke up with me recently how can he spend the night with you already?

girl 4: i thought i was his first
by A. A. March 6, 2017
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akio anteros is a very positive person who may not appear to be friendly but is very friendly. never upset an akio anteros be cause he may get overwhelmed with thoughts.
person 1: he's an akio anteros

person 2: no wonder he's so friendly
by A. A. March 6, 2017
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A famous underground artist from Finland. He has many great songs, i.e. Balls Between Zip (Munat jäi vetoketjun väliin).
M.A. Numminen is the best artist in the world.
by Jaakko October 17, 2003
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He is literally the hottest fucking guy you will ever meet, and also a really good barber
Girl1:You see that cute guy over there
Girl2: Yeah he is so Mf fine
Girl1: Have you seen his skating? He is so good

Girl:2 Ong Don Antero Saarenas Bastillo Binuya II makes me throb
by Urbanizationdick November 22, 2021
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