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(from Slashdot) A name automatically given to an anonymous user who posts comments on a message board, meant to motivate users to register.
I set my threshold so that I don't have to look at all the stupid comments from Anonymous Cowards.
by Amanda April 20, 2004
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Name for a blogger who is old enough to join the military, too old to stay at home and is spoiled rotten.
Anonymous Coward writes: Our president needs to be impeached for his terroristic act of waging war.
by Bustedjaouted September 12, 2007
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Someone who dishes abuse and judges others on blogs and webposts anonymously without any accountability for their words and actions. This anonymous coward who works in internet advertising monitors my web surfing then uses that to subjectively talk shit to me everyday through succesive and creative internet ads because they have nothing better to do at work. You fucking loser.
by josephp February 25, 2014
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