Annu is the most intelligent and amazing girl you'll ever meet. She is genuinely kind and pure-hearted. At first, she may be a little quiet but once you get to know her, she's sassy, sarcastic and hilarious! Annu is a person who has natural beauty and is absolutely stunning, but doesn't know it. She is a person who is trustworthy and an amazing friend. You should always have a Annu around! You fall in love with Annu at first glance ❤️.
Person 1: *swoon* Who is that?! She's so pretty
Person 2: Oh that's Annu! She's such an amazing friend, I love her.

Person 1: Well what are we waiting for?! Introduce me!
by Belonakuns September 18, 2020
A beautiful girl who is sweet, kind and talented.
Although a little crazy sometimes she is brilliant! A great friend and most likely to be in a group of four.
All the boys love her. She is irresistible!
I wish I was Annu!

Look at her hair

She is beautiful!

Her voice is amazing
by Glimmer 123 May 29, 2017
A wonderful person, who is always there for you when you need her. Sometimes will act crazy and break things but is sweet and always makes you feel happy.
Even though Jessica was in a annu today, I forgave her for breaking my psp b/c she cooked me dinner.
by loser0989 July 25, 2009
An Annus is an incredibly horrendous, frightful, egotistical, selfish and NARCISSISTIC asshole. (pun intended) An Annuses ego is SO HUGE that if it were a real physical object no one would be able to pick it up or even MOVE IT!
Nick: Annie? Who is that?
Annie: Oh don't talk to them they're an annus.
Nick: Oh shit... gross!
by shitlikeme July 6, 2020
Latin for 'One Year'.
This YouTube channel was founded on November 15, 2019 by Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) and Ethan Nestor (Crankgameplays). They post one video every day for 365 days. After that time is up the channel along with all its videos will be deleted.
Me: Did you see Unus Annus's new video?
Friend: Yeah, Mark really is a masochist.
by _Magikarp_ August 12, 2020
1. Latin meaning "One Year" and the name of a channel created by Mark E. Fishbach (Markiplier) and Ethan Nestor "CrankGameplays" that will be deleted after one year of its first upload.

2. A channel. An excuse for Mark to display his masochism
Subscribe to "Unus Annus". Memento Mori
by SS_Derp May 11, 2020
A channel run by Ethan Eef Nestor and Mark Masochist Fishcbach, They started it on November 15th, 2019. Its about death, basically. They ocasianally tell people that the end is coming ever closer- But most of the time they just let things go wild for sh**s and giggles.
Some dude: hey whats that that one Unus Annus episode?
Another Dude: The one were they play children's games in the dark?
Some dude: Thats the one
by ZeeXtor August 27, 2020