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Usually an angry female and commonly confused with an Ogre, Annjolie is a sad excuse of a human being. This waste of carbon has no right to call itself a human, as it deserves its own title for its disgusting appearance and behavior.

If you’re unfortunate enough to come across one of these horrid creatures, and somehow stupid enough to befriend the foul beast, consider yourself severely unlucky.

In some cases, an Annjolie is another name for a notably-strong scented piece of feces.
Why would anyone ever want to hang out with that Annjolie over there?

Ewwwwww it smells like Annjolie I’m here.
by Eljefe42069 July 04, 2018
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Annjolie is shy but once you get to know her she opens up and very outgoing. She’s loyal, nice and cares about so many people who come into her life and doesn’t wanna lose them when someone comes in her life she never forgets them. It’s sometimes hard for her to trust someone until she knows when the right time is to. She loves music and couldn’t live without is. She is very crazy when she’s with her friends and loves to make them laugh. It’s hard for her to give someone up who truly means so much to her she tries to forgive and forget but the forgetting part is hard. She wishes things could be different at times but still loves life and is mainly positive even when she fakes her happiness.
Megan: are you friends with Annjolie
Tonnya: ya she’s so funny once you get to know her
by Whiajshb December 10, 2018
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