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Annee is one of the most straight-forward people you may ever meet. She doesn't bite her tongue if she doesn't like someone or something. Although she comes off as a bitch, she is very loving and cares deeply about everyone. Rather than getting back at someone, she tries to look at it from their perspective and try to understand their situation and why they did what they did. She doesn't see a difference between compliments and lies because she's always been insecure. Trusting people is the hardest thing for her to do because everyone leaves. Annee is shy around guys, but at the same time out-going. She often finds herself lost in thought at the worst times. Annee is beautiful, though she doesn't believe it. She is kind, but also a bitch if you piss her off. She can be sweet at times. She is a great complainer. She is one of a kind, and you'll never meet ANYONE as weird and crazy as she.
Nobody is as great as Annee.

"Wow, " Sandra said. "I wish I could be more like Annee!"
by juvenile_delinquent01 December 15, 2014
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A women who at one point in time was a hoer, either physically or mentally. She is very pretty, but sometimes a bitch, more often then not she speaks her mind which may lead to regrets on her part. Although her motto is: i'd rather regret doing something then not doing it, because then i would wonder what if...? She is smart and blunt, but has very blond moments. And that is Annee.
"Did you hear what Jessica said?" Carla asked, "No why?" Jamie replied aghast. "She said Janice was being an Annee!" Carla was enthusiastic about the new dirt, and the two girls snickered not unkindly.
by Kandi_Kid April 18, 2009
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