A sexy, talented, smart, funny, actress from Portland, Maine

So sexy.

Her best role as of March 2011 is "Up in the Air" which she play along side George Clooney.

Also can be seen in "Rocket Science," Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world," and another particular Vampire Sega which doesn't deserve to be mention in this definition.

Also has a new movie coming out, "50/50" but who knows they've already changed the name twice.
If I'll be ever so lucky to find a girl like Anna Kendrick, I will be sure to get her to marry me.

Hopefully, Anna will get the fame and regognition she deserves, she deserves it.
by Live4Twenty March 28, 2011
person 1: “woah did you see how Anna Kendrick looked at Brittany snow?”
person 2: “yeah they’re totally gay for each other
by annnnakendruck April 22, 2018
Our lord and saviour, Anna Kendrick is a god among humans.
“Oh My Anna Kendrick!” Becky yelled “Becky!” Her mother replied, “Do not swear in the lords name like that
by 0520hellyeah November 23, 2017
It refers to a girl you don't really notice at first, but then she sneaks up on you and you are like: «I’d totally do her!». Just like that actress, Anna Kendrick; you don't even think about her in 'Twilight', but then you see her in 'Up in the Air' and you realize how hot she is.

In the fist Twilight movie a guy asks Bella (Kirsten Stewart) to the prom, but got turned down by her, so he luck into Jessica (Anna Kendrick). That’s like asking the most average girl in school but finding out that the homecoming queen wants your jock.
1) Screen Junkies (from '2012 screenies awards'): "Congrats Anna, I surprisingly really wanna bone you!"

2) Dude 1: "My new classmate, Amanda is kind of weird. I totally didn't notice her at first, but then I saw her during P.E. class and I totally wanna bone her!
Dude 2: She truly deserves an Anna Kendrick award!
by ViceréFervideChiappe April 13, 2014