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Aniyus is a very smart and trustworthy guy. Aniyus has a lot of friends and he has a lot of good comebacks so you shouldnt mess with him. He can be mean at some points but he is very funny and goofy. Aniyus is mostly only interested in one girl that he will one day get. Aniyus is very entertaining and smart. Aniyus is also very handsome. If you dont have a Aniyus in your life your missing out on a lot.
Aniyus is the best and period.
by Sam :(: November 08, 2018
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Is a dick head , thinks he’s the shit . Acts like everything is about him . Calls all his ex’s “hoes “ “ thots “ doesn’t know how to respect girls , should get taught how to . Very disrespectful to others . Isn’t faithful .
He doesn’t show love to other besides himself . Aniyus is bitch .
by Aaliyah garcia April 20, 2018
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