A person with the most shit opinions conceived, usually.
Person 1: "Don't talk to Francis"
Person 2: "Why"
Person 1: "Cause he has a Anime Profile Picture"
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They're stereotyped as either

1. An annoying 12-14 year old weeb who tryna act all either edgy or woke with their trashiest opinions or thoughts (e.g MHA, AOT, or other popular anime)
2. An incel misogynistic pedophile with the trashiest opinions, especially with social and political topics (e.g a random anime girl or worse a Loli)
Person 1 with Anime Profile Picture: *inserts opinions, most probably a trashy one*
Person 2: Anime Profile Picture, invalid opinion.
by tamtam05 January 18, 2022
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Probably a pedofile, racist, sexiest , alt righter, incel,
Sane person: hentai is still pedofila because it depicts drawings of children having sex

Anime profile picture : nO ItS NaWt

Sane person: it's always those god damn Anime profile pictures
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs November 13, 2020
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The true dawn of the human race, the anime profile picture. The anime profile picture is commonly seen on Xbox, PlayStation, or anything a weeb can get their hands on. It is most likely a young boy or girl that watches an unhealthy amount of anime, so their eyes hurt, causing them to be complete and udder dog shit at any game they play. I'm not judging, I'm an anime profile picture myself, DarkOpz501z on Xbox.
John: Hi
Bill: Hi
John: Hey I'm have a anime profile picture
Bill: *gasps and bows before the great John*
by DarkOpz501z May 28, 2018
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