3 definitions by DarkOpz501z

The true dawn of the human race, the anime profile picture. The anime profile picture is commonly seen on Xbox, PlayStation, or anything a weeb can get their hands on. It is most likely a young boy or girl that watches an unhealthy amount of anime, so their eyes hurt, causing them to be complete and udder dog shit at any game they play. I'm not judging, I'm an anime profile picture myself, DarkOpz501z on Xbox.
John: Hi
Bill: Hi
John: Hey I'm have a anime profile picture
Bill: *gasps and bows before the great John*
by DarkOpz501z May 27, 2018
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A word used to describe the bridge between traditional pornography and Japanese hentai.
Pheontrain is basically realistic hentai.
by DarkOpz501z June 13, 2019
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That one asshole kid in the class that has anger issues and would use that as an excuse to get out of class.
Fuck you Dillon.
by DarkOpz501z June 22, 2019
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