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Wanking while furiously angry usually highly aggressively and to the detriment of everyone else on the bus. Mostly over an ex girlfriend/boyfriend who has cheated on you or given you an STD, which when combined with your sweat, blood and tears adds a delightful burning sensation. Can lead to serious erosion of the penis, which in turn can cause Wankers callous, Knob Drop or Gripsy
Dude, i was thinking about marla last night and i had such an angry wank that i left my cock looking like a candle stick holder.

She left her dog here after we broke up so i angry wanked and came blood into its eye.
by Goatlinggun December 24, 2008
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To completely explode and spew ones anger in the face of an unwitting person
Charisma had an angry wank when Judy commented on the redness of her hair after she had accidently dyed it that colour.
by 1 Toy Maker June 03, 2018
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When you're batting off in front of the mirror, screaming dirty talk to yourself at the same time
Yesterday I was giving myself an angry wank. I was all "Yeah you like that don't you bitch? I'm gonna give it to you harder!"
by Jono likes Anal October 15, 2010
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when your girlfriend wont put out and then one day you walk in on her having sex with someone else. you storm off feeling extremely angry, however you are also extremely turned on having jsut seen your super hot girlfriend completely naked.

so you pleasure yourself in an angry fashion. an angry wank can however be done over any sexually orientated thing that makes you angry.
i saw tim boning my girlfriend, and i saw her boobs. i was so angry i had to have an angrywank.
by jonobello January 29, 2006
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