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She’s hella chill and awsome, and she’s definitely one to make you laugh with her crazyness. She’s also a great ass partier, someone lit to get drunk with and to dance at parties with. Angalee is not only all those things but she’s also known to be really gorgeous and sexy. Other than these she has many different sides and trust me people will be suprise by each of them cuz there is soooo many. And one of the best things about her is that when she loves someone she will do anything to make sure she never loses them, she will fight for who she loves and she will always stay loyal to the guy she’s with. Sometimes she has trust issues but when she meets someone she gets an instant feeling that she will love them or dislike but you know. But one tip DONT FUCK WITH ANGALEE OR HER FRIENDS!!!! <— number one rule!
Everyone needs an Angalee in their life
by Unknown person!:) March 04, 2018
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