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Amazingly crazy brown girl who likes to eat goldfish while studying. The typical Aneri is prone to dance whenever possible to ridiculous songs like Wannabe.
Aneri is one cool cat.
by JeremiahJonesTheII February 16, 2010
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she has brown hair, wavy. she likes to straighten it and MAN! she looks soo hot. she likes to do makeup but doesn't believe she needs it to be beautiful, she has fun doing it. her smile is AMAZING and her laugh is adorable. when she thinks real hard, she kinda looks around, and makes a cute face, if she can't she shrugs and makes a cute little pouty face. she ALWAYS keeps her promises but, (rarely) if she doesn't, she feels SO BAD but then she does this little puppy face that no guy could ever resist. she's a little freak when the time comes around and MAN! it's such a turn on ;) she can be a bit clueless at times but she's soo smart. her eyes are a GORGEOUS dark brown. she loves to read, write stories (she's REALLY good at it too!!) and listen to music. For active things, she likes to run, go for drives, and work out at the gym. she's very short, like 4'3 maybe, but MAN!! she's got a body ;) she cries heaps but hates crying in public, so she tries to act all tough when ppl are around (it's soo cute). she absolutely HATES losing. she's competitive. she's very talented and great at whatever she does. some of her favourite colours are pink, black & purple. she loves food. though she says she can't eat much, she just doesn't like to show it. she projects confidence, though in reality she really cares about her looks. she's the perfect girlfriend (even though she's not mine). she's one of a kind and super CUTE. she doesn't think so, but soon she'll know.
Person 1: "hey, can I tell you smthing?"
Person 2: "yea sure"
Person 1: "well, i kinda like Aneri"
Person 2: "she's way outta ur league dud"
Person 1: ;-;
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by imNoTBrOKeN May 20, 2018
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