abb. of androgynous. having characteristics of both masculine and feminine gender ideals (being some where in the middle or outside the male-female polarity model). andro can refer to clothes, appearence, attitude, style, or self-identification.
many pop musicians in the 70's and 80's cultivated an andro look, e.g. mick jagger, david bowie, annie lennox, prince, and boy george, to name a few.
by dagger_grrl September 12, 2003
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Comes from the greek word "man" also means sex god and various other inspirations.
People like mick jagger thought of themselfs as Andros' but only the true ones are born with the name.
Andros you are so amazing.
by aannonymousssss May 18, 2009
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A sex-o-holic person that loves to screw anything that moves. Can have sex anytime 24/7 and never get tired of it. He once orgasmed for over 17 hours and has the sperm count of a Beluga Whale.

He is the greatest man alive, with the biggest dick ever and balls made out of Irish gold. He can screw you without even having to whip out his massive 25 inch beast of a veiny cock.
Bro, I cannot fuck like Andro; that dude can make even Jesus cum with joy
by Joshua Laspina April 26, 2011
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prefix: of or relating to men or the male sex. Similar to anthro-, a synonymous root found in antrhopology, the study of humanity, where "men" is used as a blanket term for all of humanity.
Androgens are compounds in biology that stimulate production of male hormones.
by FreeKnowledge July 15, 2010
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Gay slang abbreviation for “androgynous dyke.” A lesbian who is neither “lipstick” or “butch”, ie., neither overly masculine or feminine. The term "andro-look" and simply "andro" are also commonly used.
by Bill Peters October 06, 2006
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Similar to the metro-sexual male. An andro-fem is a female who possesses male habits. They appear completely girly but have the tendency to think like the male species.
She is such an andro-fem. She looks all girly but she sounds like a dude. She is almost a dude.
by Mirca June 08, 2006
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