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A very sweet talented young man who usually has brown eyes, freckles, and a larger nose than others his age. Girls fall for him and his nose 24/7 but Andrew is a very loyal relationship partner. He is typically very good at anything band related, is very smart and reliable, and excels when it comes to shooting guns. He is normally very religious and girls fall for that about him. He can be pushy but you'll appreciate what he does for you in the end. When it comes to girls he may pick a few duds but when he finds the girl he was looking for he doesn't hesitate to keep her. He'll love her very much and Years will pass quickly when they're together. His girl will typically roast his friends and sometimes him but that just makes him want her more. Andrew Lane is a great man and friend.
He had an attitude like an Andrew Lane
by Unlockedlightbulbs January 04, 2017
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A sweet, gorgeous, smart, and very musically talented. An Andrew Lane is usually VERY humorous and is a jerk to people who aren't close to him
Wow, you're such an Andrew lane
by Gmail ingredients August 16, 2016
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