andiy is a down ass sexy bitch who skates and you see her at punk shows. She seems pretty nice and sweet because she's always smiling and laughing. But if you fuck with her or someone she's close to she will fuck you up, theres videos of her getting Down at the skatepark. Also she has a nice juicy ass.
"Andiy's ass is distracting me while I skate!"
"Andiy is PD"
"Andiy got belligerent at the show last night"
"I kind of have a crush on andiy, but also I hate her.."
by Resputant mutant November 15, 2013
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Andii is an ex xavierite who converted to farming and equestrianism and has two addictions. She is addicted to veggie straws and playing Pokémon on her DS. She is known to do anything for her next fix. ANYTHING!!! She isn't allowed in costco (or anywhere) and has a house arrest bracelet because of her addictions. But is still a groovy biffle :)
Andii is the coolest farmer I know!
by JamieMcN May 27, 2011
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A dude even more awesome than the normal everyday andy as he has botherd to make his Y into to ii's which make the same sound it just makes him all around more awesome than most very goot in bed ;o from expiriance and as u can tell has little time for spellings
me the one and only origanal andii copy me and i will shoot your heads off with a sniper:D
by the dude who wrote this O.o? February 22, 2012
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