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Usually doing stupid shit Andan has a big heart and lots of energy in him.They usually watch sports such as Football basketball he does like to play music and can act like a psychopath but he is one of a kind especially around the ladies
Damn later last night this guy opened up to me he is an Andan for sure
by Spooncy July 11, 2018
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A man with hair that looks like a bowl cut but it’s not.who gets girls left and right even thought he is chubby but not too chubby.writes music and is really good at basketball.some people call him bad at basketball but he is really good.
Damn have you had sex with Andan?He looks chubby but not too chubby,and he has a big dick that fucks pretty girls.
by Andan definition by Emily G January 18, 2018
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Is an Asian name from a boy who’s lived a terrible life and studies over and over again,
Lives to dedicate himself to other girls and protect his anime cushions
You sure are Andan
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by Wackasshith May 29, 2019
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