A way of saying "It's just that simple".
In Phone sex as a career, all I got to do is say a few thing and moan ...And Voila! I got money in no time. I don't even have to touch myself either while having Phone sex.
by Laurent Cuffashian April 5, 2014
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Originally a french term "Voi la" literally meaning 'Look there!"

Often used to create suspence just before revealing a final result.
"You add relish and mayonaise together and Voila! Homemade tartar sause."
by celticshiva March 2, 2004
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ENGLISH - A universal term used to replace any word or add substance to any expression. Literal meaning in French: "Here it is!" Very similar to the Hawaiin Pidgin term 'Da Kine.'
Yo yo yo Voila!

Hey What's Up Voila?

I like this movie, it's pretty Voila.
by Allan Carlisle January 20, 2009
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a line in a camel toe song that will get stuck in your head.

made by a two 30 year old men.

Your camel toe
It looks alright so baby let it show
Looks like a big taco
I see your camel toe
(Merci madame, voila le bearded clam)
by PhantomToe October 14, 2007
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