Who's going out?
Jake, Gravy, Holland, Chinese, Crab, Surge
and Simon
by and Simon March 10, 2020
Is a Professional German Mezzo-Soprano singer known for being the Frontwoman of the Symphonic Metal band "Epica" since she was 16 years old.

With her red hair, white porcelain skin and beautiful blue eyes.. she has stolen the hearts from her loyal fans and winned attention all over the world thanks to her talent and beautiful voice.
*Simone Simons can be heard too in the video "The Haunting (Somewhere in time)" of the american metal band Kamelot.

* Simone Simons can be found at her myspace web: www.myspace.com/simone_simons or in the band's web www.myspace.com/epica
by AnnChristabel February 27, 2008
Simon is a guy that is extremely sweet and kind. He is a guy who makes everyone smile. He might not be prince charming, but he is a sweetheart. He is good with people, and he surrounds himself with the people he loves. He is a guy that would never hurt anyone but don't mess with the people he loves. He is romantic when he needs to be but likes to keep all of his relationships within the people involved with it. He is a man of his words. He is cute and when you find him, you never forget him.
Simon is the greatest guy I ever met.
by faithlove January 1, 2017
A cute, easygoing boy with many layers. He who tries his best to please his friends and everybody that he loves. He is very silly and funny, with a kid-like sense of humor. The best boyfriend material in existence. Maybe not a hunk, but definitely a keeper.

He can be a little bit grumpy sometimes. Becomes a sourpuss from little things that other people probably wouldn’t even notice.

Still, when it comes to his lover, he has a heart bigger than anyone on this planet. He will spend his life looking for someone to give all his love to. He won’t ever do them wrong. He will always be there.

His innocence and simplicity needs to be protected because it’s incredibly special and rare.
What? You don’t know what Pegging is? You’re definitely a Simon.

Did you just bring me flowers out of no where? Oh, Simon!
by Pai_it_right December 10, 2019
Simone is a girl who is fun to be around and talk to and has a good sense of humour and loves to make jokes, she is very social with a beatiful body but doesnt worry about what she eats, She can be quiet sometimes but it doesnt mean she isnt up for making jokes or having fun, She is practicly the best person in the world.
Guy1: Wow, look at her i bet her name's Simone
Guy2: Yea i bet ur right
by Orzo September 1, 2008
The most beautiful and sensual of all the women. She is extremely intelligent and has a great sense of humor, any guy would be lucky to have her.
This girl will always make you laugh and worry about others before herself and will not be satisfied until others are feeling good about them-selves even though it may put strain on her own self worth.
Extremely sexual, knows what she wants in bed (or airplane bathroom) and will not be afraid to tell her partner/s.
One worth loving and taking care of.
Nick: So the mile high club aye?
Simone: Yeah, I have decided I want you to fuck me in the cubicle. *points and bites her lip*
Nick: Im so fucking there!

*Both get up and join the most exclusive club on the planet.*
by SpanishNick1991 August 30, 2011
Simone is a BABE!!!
Her sense of humor is dark but hilarious. Her smile lights up a room as does her laugh. She's got curves like no other and eyes like a tiger. And when it comes to dating she s a BEAST IN BED!!!! but she cares about who she loves and would do anything for them <3
Man, you're dating a Simone? Lucky..
by anonymos03 June 30, 2017