When you analyze the anal region with one's tongue
One wakes up in the morning, wanting to analize their partners anal cavity, while making sweet, kinky love!
by Big rich October 21, 2015
1.to give anal
2. the act of anal sex
Damn chris you just got analized, you must be gay.
(during anal sex (men to gir)l) Hell yea! im analizing you!
by jgp345 February 27, 2009
(A.nal-ize)To make an ass of one's self
"Stop being such and analizer"
by Hajs5 January 14, 2009
My friend's depressed, what should I do?
Give them anal! That should help them!
by Waspuuuuuuu September 10, 2017
A beautiful word that can be described in various ways:

Dick hole in the butt hole
Sausage in the bun
Pee-pee in the poo-poo
Charlie in the chocolate factory
+Hey babe, what's up

-Nothing interesting, but my ass is horny, you wanna do anal?

+Oh yes the old pee-pee in the poo-poo

by kataplaka September 17, 2019
A beautiful and amazing girl inside and out. She is selfless, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, loyal....the list could go on and on. She knows when somethings up and will be there with a pint of ice cream and romance movies in a flash. She stands up for whats right. She may not think so, but boys drool all over her. She is a one in a million and you'd be lucky to have her as a friend.
"Have you seen Analou? She looks gorgeous today.
by BlueJay5187 April 22, 2019