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Anakhu is beautiful spirit, she is loyal trustworthy fun and loving.She will never hurt you and always support you no matter what. Don’t mess with her or her friends and family because she will protect them at all costs. She might even get in your business because you were talking about her or her friends and family. And even if you aren’t one of her friends or her family members ,she just wants to help you (she can’t help it )she always wants to help somebody when they’re in need(she will try setting things straight , like peace maker). She is a passionate lover. She is loyal to her partners and would always love them . But once her partner has wronged her, She will toss them away like dust .But one thing about Anakhu is that she loves herself no matter what you say about her ,talk about her, be fake to her ,she won’t care. She loves her self so much that if you knock her down she’ll get right back up and knock you in your face. Therefore she can be sweet, elegant, loving ,caring ,and flawless but if you do something to her or if you do something to who she loves she will sting you like a scorpion .
Anakhu is a beautiful spirit.
Anakhu is fiesty.
by Factual facts2.0 May 20, 2018
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