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Anaika is the most beautiful girl you will ever see. She is really hot, cute, and intelligent. She always knows the answers in class and excels in athletics. Every guy wants her. People may be jealous of her because of her extrodinary talent, but she kills them with kindness. In addition, she is an extrodinary friend. She is always loyal and treats you with respect. She is very funny and is always real. Everyone wants an Anaika!
Jake: Do you know any amazing girl, because honestly I don’t think there are any left.

Matt: Anaika! She is amazing!

Jake: I can’t believe it she is actually perfect!
by Littyyyyyy0987 June 09, 2018
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anaika is an attention seeker. She creates rumours and is not the nicest.
jackson: hey look at that girl
jake: oh no don't go near her! she's an anaika! you don't want one of them
by lifeisexcellent April 20, 2018
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