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A very unique girl with a very rare name. Shes a beautiful and sweet girl ,yet sexy and spicy. She has a great body, and can be quite naughty ;) Shes a sexy dancer, and a sexy kisser. Her eyes are just as bright as her personality. A personality that is always on the good side; always fun, happy, and laughing. A girl with dimples, and wants everything to be simple. Not very tall, yet not very small. Her style is a style that would make any man smile. When it comes to love, she may not be the best, but no one is perfect. shes the kind of girl who is nice to everybody and everything. whether its people, animals, or the earth itself. shes a risk taker and adrenaline junkie. Don't let her looks fool you, she is one crazy ass chick. Shes usually calm, but when shes with her friends, no one can stop her. Shes the life of the party, but when you see her frown, it'll bring everybody down.
Look at that girl. she reminds me of Anabely!
by wall-e.93 August 20, 2011
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