A person who possess the ability to hold at least 47 chromosomes and still function as a "human" (to a certain degree.)

A typical sign of an adrian is that he is an longboii and usually stumbles on literarly everything and is usually of jewish heritage.

An adrian always throw the best parties, and an adrian can get any "haff" anywhere only by using his curly hair and brittish accent.
Amna - Oh James, you're such an Adrian
James- Amna, you know it bby <3
by Bilbo Baggins (bagger) March 27, 2017
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An adrian is a term of measurement, much like the Mole, Dozen, Half dozen, and Bakers dozen.

Just as the Dozen is counted as 12 of something, the Adrian is counted as a unit of 26.
"Dude, yesterday I was so stoned that I ate an adrian of donuts"

Greg:"What's the best thing about screwing Twenty Six year olds?"

Fred:"There's an Adrian of them!"
by Awesomocity June 8, 2010
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An Adrian or an Adriana is a good friend who might seem feisty at times, they are usually ambitious and have ideas of how they want there life to plan out some of them have obsessions with things or people such as Roberto Bellarosa and Belgium.

They are different from other creatures from the earth they are smart, creative and funny

Adrian's or Adriana's will stick up for what they believe in and are strong

You are lucky if you have your own personal Adrian/Adriana legend says they are very beautiful and rare so not to mess them about you'd be extremely lucky to have an Adrian or Adriana they tend to be good in bed and may come across as shy
good beautiful amazing different Adrian Adriana Adrian or an Adrian
by Hallo there ;) June 5, 2013
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a political theory derived from user Lin Aux, advocating extreme means of population control and leading to a society in which governmental control is limited. Adrianism also promotes extreme anti-government and anti left-wing ideologies.
Person 1: Do you agree with Adrianism?

Person 2: I believe that school shootings help with population control.
Person 1: that’s exactly what adrianism is.
by Spoopyder December 3, 2018
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Not salad.
Adrian is not Salad
by Bub0nicFlea May 4, 2021
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The name of a god. Hearing his name, Adrian, produces subconscious orgasms - that's why you like it. Hear the musicality of Adrian. Repeat it, feel it - live it.

Being besides him makes you happier by the second, being together with him is called Heaven. Gentle, his touch makes entire worlds crumble to dust.
Adrian initiated Aphrodite.
by Gx1341 November 23, 2011
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Although he has bad time management skills and a terribly strong loyalty to his work or job ,he's actually a very caring guy who tries his best to make friendships last and preserve moments with those he loves. Although he might look big and tough, or not have the best expression on his face from time to time, he can be a kickass person to have as a drinking buddy, or as a plus one when you are in a fight.

They are kind, compasionate, creative and artistic, but don't ask him about hentai cus that not so shy personality will shatter thus releasing the lust of Zeus in the form of sauce codes.
Guy 1: Haha, did you hear what Adrian did after that guy said that 177013 wasn't sad?
Guy2: Yeah apparently the fucker that said it can't walk anymore...
by ADudeIThinkHopefully October 11, 2021
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