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This Name means Beautiful and Delightful person. This person may also be talented, and has a sense of humor. But dont be fooled with her/ his goofy personality because she can be serious at the drop of a dime!! Dont mess with this girl/guy.
SHe is sooo Amyah
by Janae123 February 18, 2011
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Amyah is the biggest snake you'll ever meet. She calls herself ugly everyday, but she only says that so people will call her pretty. She thinks she can fight, even though she weighs 80 pounds. She lies about her anxiety, because obviously online she cusses people out daily. She says she going to fight them, but never does it because she's lame. She'll break your heart over and over again. She's not loyal. She'll talk about shit about you to other people, even if she claims she's your friend. She's also cringey, and will call you dumb everyday even if your point is obviously right.
"Look at that girl, she looks like an amyah." "Ew, I'll stay away from her then"
by Jazzie123 December 31, 2016
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