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This Name means Beautiful and Delightful person. This person may also be talented, and has a sense of humor. But dont be fooled with her/ his goofy personality because she can be serious at the drop of a dime!! Dont mess with this girl/guy.
SHe is sooo Amyah
by Janae123 February 18, 2011
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Amyah is a beautiful, hilarious, athletic, sarcastic girl that everyone loves. She speaks her mind and is a big flirt if she sees something she likes. But beware because Amyah can be explosive when annoyed or angry. She is an loyal and confident friend and girlfriend and hates being disrespected no matter who you are or where your from. Amyah can be a little troublesome, but that is only because she likes to live her life to the fullest! She doesn't care about anyone's opinion of her other than her own. She is really tough and emotionally strong . She does what she wants and comes across as rude. She's the type of friend to tell you off when you've done wrong and praise you when you've done right. Amyah is the queen of banter, but when taken too far she will become serious quickly. She hardly trusts anyone . She turns many head when she walks into a room because of her gorgeousness and her attractive body but many are afraid because she is,fierce and she contains a lot of attitude. Everyone's favourite part about Amyah is her amazing smile, her teeth are not perfect but her smile knows how to light up a room.
"Here comes Amyah, don't mess with her"
"She is soooo funny"
"She is fierce"
"I wanna be just like her"
"That girl is FREAKY"
by MANGO BATTY October 30, 2019
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The bestest friend you could ever have. She is tough, beautiful, and just an amazing person. Though she is a bit sarcastic at times, I love having Amyah as my best friend.
Amyah is the bestest friend ever!!!!
by Skskkskskskskskksk September 08, 2019
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She's thick asf, super fine.If you look up β€œperfect” in the dictionary, you will find your picture next to it. She's very smart, she doesn't let anyone get to her. She makes otheres feel good ab there selfs. If you ever need help with anything just ask her. She's also athletic. When its time for her to get work done shes on it without a doubt. If she wants something she will go get no questions asked.If I could, I would stop eating and sleeping just so that I could devote more time to being with you.
You cant make an exanple she doesn't need one, if U were to make an example with the name Amyah then u will have to do 20 paragraphes which is way to much
by December 05, 2019
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